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The Royal Princess Party Package


Pricing and Info:


- includes 1 hour long party hosted by one (1) character of your choosing (does not have to be a princess!)*

We try arrive to the area 15 minutes ahead of time and ensure to leave only when you are a smiling, satisfied customer.  See everything our party has to offer below!

 *Additional charges may apply for: travel distance over 10 miles from La Grange, adding additional Characters, and Party Helpers for Mascots. Parties over 15 children require a party helper.

Entrance and Gift

 Our grand entrance will make your guests feel like they are in a fairytale and will create an unforgettable experience. Our character music will energize the party and create a festive atmosphere! Finally, a birthday gift will be presented your child to make the entrance even more memorable.

Stories and Smiles

During Story Time, your child and their guests will get an up close and personal experience with their favorite characters as they are brought to life through storybooks and readings.  This is also the perfect time to capture photos of magical moments. Story Time is sure to be a highlight of your party!

Music and Wiggles

We have character songs to match any theme!  Get ready for choreographed performances to get everyone up and moving, Freeze Dance to keep the energy up, and Magic Scarves to add a touch of sparkle! Our music selection is sure to get the party started!

Photos and Friends!

There are sure to be many photo opportunities throughout the entire party,  but we will have a special picture time for your child and their character guest! You can include everyone in the party too! Our Photo Moments will provide lasting memories from your special day and will be sure to be a hit with everyone.

Games and Giggles

 We keep the fun going with our favorite party games! From the super colorful Party Parachute to Charades and Princess Says, we have something for everyone! With our games, your guests will be filled with fun, giggling, and smiles.

Happy Birthday Serenade

What party would be complete without singing Happy Birthday? Our party entertainers will lead your guests in singing a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday", creating an amazing memory for you and your child. Our Happy Birthday Serenade will be an unforgettable experience that will surely bring a smile to everyone's face!

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