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Our Party Packages

We offer many different options to make your day extra special.
From private events to public ticketed events, we specialize in creating the most magical experiences for kids ages 1-10.

Our Packages Include:

The Royal Princess Party Package

Princess & Me Tea Party 

Wizarding World Event

Holiday Elf Visits

The Royal Princess Party 

Little Starry Background

This hour long (60 min) party includes:

 ✨A musical Grand Entrance as your favorite character greets your child with a special birthday gift!

🎶We engage everyone who wants to celebrate with age appropriate warm up dances and songs, including some of your chosen character's favorites!

👯‍♀️Freeze Dance is our all time favorite thing to do, we get everyone moving and smiling!

🌈Our super colorful Party Parachute provides tons of silly giggles and gets everyone involved!

😊We also love to play special games like Princess Says, Charades, Red Light Green Light & more.

📖Story Time with us is like no other. We will bring along books that fit best with your favorite character, and make it an engaging and exciting experience!

🎂A Happy Birthday serenade with your favorite Princess or Hero as your child blows out their candles is sure to be magical!

📷Every moment with us can be captured for your special day, with specific photo ops at the very end of our visit!

Pricing and Info:

Private Requests Only: $279

- includes 1 hour long party hosted by one (1) character of your choosing (does not have to be a princess!)*

We try arrive to the area 15 minutes ahead of time and ensure to leave only when you are a smiling, satisfied customer.  We provide only highly trained and professional character actors with multiple party experiences.  

 *Additional charges may apply for: travel distance over 10 miles from La Grange, adding additional Characters, and Party Helpers for Mascots. Parties over 15 children require a party helper.


Wizarding World Party

Little Starry Background

Enter the world of magic and wizardry, hosted at our headquarters!

⚡Peek into Harry's room and catch the flying letters in the fireplace

🧙‍♀️Discover which wand is yours at The Magic Wand shop and learn some amazing magical spells for your wizard duel!

🎩Find out what House you belong to in a Sorting Hat Cermon

🦄Compete for House points in trivia and Triwizard Games, like Devil's Snare, Unicorn Stack, and Charades

✨Put your mind to work solving puzzles and making potions

🍻Dine in the Great Hall among your friends Butter Beer and other tasty treats!

🧙‍♂️Enjoy the company of Hermoine and Harry as they share stories of Hogwarts

🍫Take home a bag of sweets from the Hogwarts Express Trolley and your very own wand

📷Photo opportunities all party long!

Pricing and Info:

Muggle parents are free to come.

We recommend this event for children ages 5 to 9, ability to use a wand independently required, and wizard clothing is strongly encouraged!

Pricing includes all above activities above.


Use button above to request your private party. Price will vary depending on size and scale of events.

We can host at our fully decorated, immersive Hogwarts location, or at the venue of your choice.

Parties can be 60 minutes to 2 hours.

We can customize activities to your desires! Let's get creative together!




Tea with a Princess Party Activities: 

  1. Enjoy lavish table settings with individual vintage tea sets and custom floral arrangements

  2. Dine on decadent HANDMADE pastries and desserts

  3. Enjoy a magical princess experience, which includes interactive Story Time and your favorite Songs.

  4. Delight in princess coloring and activity sheets as well as a special princess crafts  

  5. Beautiful customer photo backdrop for memorable pictures

  6. A goody bag made for a princess, with a crown, necklace and book


Princess & Me Tea Party  

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